Associate Professor Sarah LwahasMIL UNIJOS Focal Person/Coordinator

As the Focal Person for Media and Information Literacy in University of Jos, Dr. Sarah Lwahas has over 10 years of experience in newscasting with the Nigerian Television Authority and now leads a team of staff that promotes the ideas and ideals of Media and Information Literacy in the Department of Mass Communication. This she does through courses like Live Radio/Television
Presentation, Station Management and Operations, Reality Television and Television News Broadcast and Webcast Production. MIL is promoted in Reality Television, a new genre of television programming based on real-time or recorded candid acts of artistes, to serve as a check to actors who pass information that may be false and misleading to the audience. Also, Television News Broadcast and Webcast Production has evolved from the newsroom to ‘home-rooms’ where individuals use digital technologies like computers and smartphones to produce television news broadcast and upload them directly on the Internet. MIL educates students to be cautious of such user-generated newscasts from  citizen journalists.

Dr. Taye Obateru

Dr. Taye Obateru has had over 10 years of journalism practice with Vanguard newspapers. He teaches Media Law and Ethics, Advanced Feature Writing, Writing for the Mass Media and Foreign Correspondence. Through all these courses, MIL is being taught to the students of the Department of  Mass Communication. Media Law and Ethics advocates for objective, fair and balanced dissemination of information in the print and broadcast industry based on Nigerian laws and journalistic ethics which is in line with the tenets of MIL. Advanced Feature Writing and Writing for the Mass Media introduces students to both in-depth features and the different journalistic publications like editorial writing, news writing, broadcast commentary which could be investigative reports and fact-checking stories to verify fake news in circulation.

Mr. Luka Toholde

Mr. Luka Toholde, as a member of the MIL UNIJOS Team, teaches Specialized Reporting and Investigative and Interpretive Reporting. These courses are important to the teaching of MIL as specialized reporting and investigative and interpretive reporting are close to fact-checking journalism as a counter to not just fake news but popular misconceptions in the public space.

Mr. Mabas Akila

Mr. Mabas Akila contributes to the MIL UNIJOS story because he teaches courses like Newspaper Management and Production. The students are engaged in producing a newspaper for circulation in both the Bauchi Road and Naraguta Campus. Students are taught to identify news from fake news, data journalism, interviewing news makers and setting the agenda for the management of the University of Jos.

Mr. Jimme Matyek

Mr. Jimme Matyek teaches Basic Computer Operations, Introduction to New Media and Digital Technologies, Editorial Writing, Science and Technology Reporting and Basics of Blogging and Webcasting. All these courses are avenues used to project MIL in the Department of Mass Communication. Editorial Writing and MIL teaches students to use editorials as a tool for fact-checking against fake news from the view of the editorial board. Introduction to New Media and Digital Technologies introduces students to the world of digital media and media convergence which has led to a high level of user-generated content by Internet users. MIL acts as a check on fake news that are published by the audience on the Internet. Also, the Basics of Blogging and Webcasting teaches students the ethical uses of blogs and webcasts that are truthful and good avenues for information dissemination in the cyberspace.

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